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6 Winter Home Hacks to Save Money Even After the First Snow

We get it—the first snow can arrive unexpectedly, and then you’re left scrambling to do all the recommended home improvements to save money before the next storm. If you don’t have a set-in-stone home winterizing checklist before the first day of freezing temps, don’t worry. We’ve got you with these ways to save money, time, and energy in winter, which you can do even after the first flakes hit the ground.

Protect Your Home with These Winter Home Hacks to Save Money

Consider Your Deicer Carefully

The deicing agent you use to melt any accumulating snow and ice is crucial to consider this winter. Choosing the right deicer can save you from having to relandscape, an emergency trip to the vet, or from repaving your driveway—which can cost upwards of $14,000.

Rock salt (scientifically called sodium chloride) is popular but can harm your pets and be corrosive to surrounding vehicles, equipment, and landscaping. As a result, some Homeowners Associations even ban the use of rock salt. Fortunately, many options are less harmful to your property and pets. Look for deicers that use magnesium chloride or sodium acetate to keep your outdoor areas clear of ice while protecting your home and its creatures.

Clean and Inspect Your Fireplace and Chimney

To ensure you’ll have a hot, roaring fire this winter, have your chimney inspected and cleaned by professionals every few years. They will complete an at-home assessment of your chimney and fireplace to prevent water damage, eliminate fire hazards, and repair any cracks or damage you might find. To prevent too much heat from escaping your chimney, double-check that your damper closes tightly when the logs aren’t burning.

Free Your Roof from Heavy Snow and Ice

Once the snow really starts to fall, it’s important to mind the roof. Roofs hefty with snow and ice can lead to even heftier problems. The buildup of water on a roof that cannot drain due to a blocked gutter system can result in treacherous icicles, water damage, leaks, and even a collapsed roof.

There’s no need to fret, though, because there are steps you can take to prevent these disasters. Solutions include:

• Installing heat tape along the roof’s edge to melt the ice
• Installing an extendable roof for safer snow removal
• Hiring a professional to remove the ice for you.

The price of each of these solutions will beat the cost of installing a new roof any day. The national average cost of replacing a roof is more than $20,000, while heat tape installation costs between $400 and $1200.

Tune up the Furnace

Any home winterizing checklist wouldn’t be complete without a furnace tune-up. If your furnace goes out of commission this winter, you risk a $4,000 replacement and potential harm to seniors, children, and animals who might not fare well in frigid temps. Maintain your furnace by hiring a professional to inspect it. You can also replace the filters to increase your furnace’s efficiency.

Change Your Air Filters

Speaking of filters, one of the easiest home hacks to save money this winter includes changing your home’s air filters. Improve the efficiency and lengthen the lifespan of your HVAC system by swapping out your old, dirty filter for a new one for less than $100. Not to mention, you’ll be improving air quality in your home.

Break Out the Blankets

Do you run hot? Are you unfazed by the nip of winter? If so, this home hack will save you money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Keep your home’s temperature as low as you can tolerate it. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save up to 1% on your energy bill per every degree you lower your thermostat.

Dig out your winter clothes and linens for the season if you want to stay toasty while benefiting from a lower energy bill. You can stay warm and save money by bundling up instead of turning the thermostat up.

It’s never too late to start thinking about ways to save money, time, and energy this winter. With these tips, you can be prepared for whatever the weather throws your way.

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