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4 Quick Updates to Add Value—And Va-Va-Voom—to Your Home

As you might guess from our name, we’re big fans of homeownership. The financial and emotional benefits of owning your own home are undeniable, which inspire us every day to help Nevadans secure affordable housing.

As luck would have it, purchasing a home isn’t the only way to boost your financial and emotional well-being. Updating your home can also increase its value and your happiness. We did some online sleuthing to identify four home updates that are relatively easy to do—and they’re wallet-friendly, too.

Update #1: Make Your Front Door Inviting

Want to nail a great first impression? Choosing a bright, bold or fresh color for your home’s front door adds instant curb appeal—something you can start enjoying before the paint dries, and something potential buyers will value. In fact, the nice folks at Zillow surveyed real estate agents and interior designers, who said curb appeal is one of the top five things buyers can do to sell their homes faster. You bet that’s valuable!

For inspiration, check out this photo gallery by of colorific front doors. For instructions on how to get ‘er done, read this. For colors that pay off, check this out by CBS News.

Update #2: See The Light (& Fixtures)

There are two very good reasons to update the lighting in your home: energy-efficiency and attractiveness. Granted, the latter is easier to be noticed, but each has merit.

First, let’s talk bulbs. According to the Department of Energy, 10% of the average household’s energy usage stems from lighting. By replacing incandescent bulbs with LED, CFL or halogen bulbs, you can save money, which will brighten anyone’s mood. (Including potential buyers!)

As for updating light fixtures, you can quickly and inexpensively give your home a fresh, modern look—eye candy for you and potential buyers. sheds some light (we love puns!) on how to choose the right fixtures to meet your style and the tasks at hand. gives step-by-step instructions on the installation process. (But don’t be afraid to hire an electrician if you’re not super handy. Way better than getting zapped!)

Update #3: Get A Handle On Your Cabinets

We mean that quite literally. Adding or updating the handles on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets is a quick way to add character to your home. Got a drill and a tape measure? Then you can easily take on this hardware update, according to DIY Network. Don’t know exactly what you’re looking for? The Huffington Post can put you on the right online shopping path.

Update #4: Turn On The Charm (With The Water)

A faucet doesn’t have to fail before you replace it. Just failing to make you (and potential buyers) happy is reason enough. Got outdated bathroom fixtures you don’t love? Or a kitchen faucet that doesn’t measure up to today’s more functional pull down or touchless options? No time like the present to update those bad boys.

Consumer Reports put together a pretty comprehensive list of considerations before you start shopping for kitchen faucets. HGTV did the same for bathroom faucets. And although removing an old faucet is often more challenging than putting the new one in, you can do it yourself if you’re so inclined.

Be At Home With Home Updates

Some home updates, like the ones we just touched on, take minimal effort (and money!), yet can make a big impact on your home’s value and mood-boosting capabilities. Whether you’re a homeowner ready for something shiny, or a homebuyer who, armed with the above knowledge, can see past a few outdated features as you go house shopping, we have three words for you: You got this!

Items mentioned on this page are not guaranteed to increase the equity on a property.

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