Stephen walking his dog

Helping Stephen Buy His First Home

When Stephen Smigel moved to Sparks to take advantage of a job opportunity, he needed help finding the right mortgage. Stephen and his mom, Sheryle, moved from rural California to be closer to services and escape the worry of their home being damaged in a wildfire.

As a first-time homebuyer, Stephen needed a partner who could guide him through the process without selling him products he didn’t need. Thanks to help from Greater Nevada Mortgage and their Mortgage Consultant, Nathan Fogelsong, GNM was able to work around Stephen’s busy schedule and guide him through the paperwork to fund his new home.

“It was a stressful month, I worked the night shift and was up several of those days, just working on the paperwork and getting the forms filled out,” Stephen said. “he [Nathan] gave us the exact list of the things we had to knock out and take care of, and we got it done.”

Though they had a place to stay with Sheryle’s brother, the pair were eager to move into a new home so they could have a place for their dogs to live. Nathan worked “double-overtime” for the Smigels so they could move into their new home.

“Every roadblock, Nathan found a way around it. He worked so hard for us,” Sheryle said.

Now, Stephen and Sheryle have settled into their new home. They can walk their dogs around the neighborhood and love all the extra space.

“I really appreciate what Nathan did for us, five out of five stars, he blew it out of the water,” Stephen said. “The house is awesome, and we’re paying the bills just fine. Everything’s set up to auto-pay on the first of the month, and everything’s been good.”

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