Helping the Yellowhairs Finance Their First Home

It was time to move. After living in her home for seven years, Justina Yellowhair and her husband were informed their landlord would be moving into the house they had been living in with their two children.

Justina wanted to buy a house of her own, but after hearing no from other mortgage lenders, she thought her family’s dream of homeownership was out of reach. The couple made too much money to qualify for low-income assistance programs, but they didn’t have the funds to cover a down payment for a house.  

“I just never thought it was ever going to be possible for us to afford to buy a home until I called Maria at Greater Nevada Mortgage,” Justina said.

However, GNM was able to connect Justina with the Middle-Income Down Payment Assistance program, made possible by a grant from the Federal Home Loan Bank.

Through the program, GNM was able to disperse up to $1 million to qualified, first-time homebuyers.

“There’s nothing that compares to getting someone into their first home,” James Anderson, President of mortgage lending for GNM, said. “This could be the beginning of potential generational wealth that they’re creating by getting into a home and eventually possibly seeing that home free and clear something they pass onto the next generation even.”

Are you looking to buy your first home? Make sure to check out GNM’s First-Time Homebuyer Programs and connect with a local Mortgage Consultant to see what options could be available to you!