Tim and Kristen with their dog

Tim and Kristen – Home Is Where the Dogs Are

As long-time Greater Nevada Credit Union members, Tim and Kristen went to Greater Nevada Mortgage to secure a HELOC to expand their mid-town home. But when they found a unique house off the beaten path, they knew they had to secure a new mortgage quickly so they could make this quirky home their own.

With the help of GNM and their Mortgage Consultant, Brittany Mason, the couple was able to quickly pivot and get the funds they needed to purchase the property. To help them save on their mortgage, Brittany set them up with a 5/5 Adjustable Rate Mortgage.

“Currently, with today’s 30-year fixed rates, they are extremely high and entertaining the idea of going with an Adjustable Rate Mortgage, you’re going to save money with a lower interest rate,” Brittany said. “Our 5/5 ARM gives you the opportunity to keep more money in your pocket, to spend on either renovation, pay down credit card debt, or take better family vacations and not live for your house. You get to live for your life.”

Now, Tim and Kristen can enjoy their new home with their four dogs and are using the money they saved for home improvements to make the space their own.

“We love our home, it’s very unique, it’s got tons of character, there’s probably a lifetime’s worth of projects, but it is totally livable to start with, and we love it, it still feels like a dream when I wake up there,” Tim said.

“I really appreciate Brittany and Greater Nevada Mortgage, you know, helping us get into our forever home, making it easy, a process that is usually pretty daunting, making it as easy as possible,” Kristen said.

Learn more about the 5/5 Adjustable Rate Mortgage or contact a Mortgage Consultant today to start your homebuying journey.