Insurance Claims

Your home is your sanctuary, and we know the importance of it being whole. We care about your home also. Here’s what you need to know when filing an insurance claim for your home.

Need to File an Insurance Loss Report?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a selection of questions we’re commonly asked about insurance claims. Don’t see your question below? Give our Loan Servicing team a call at 775-888-6999 or 800-526-6999, or click here to send an inquiry through our dedicated contact form.

  • What do I do when my home is damaged?

    First, contact your insurance company about the damage. They will get the process started. Notify us as soon as you receive your insurance check. We will work with you to process the insurance claim check and release funds to you to complete repairs.

  • Why is Greater Nevada Mortgage listed on my insurance claim check?

    We are invested in your house too and we want to get it back to normal ASAP.

  • Am I required to have a contractor complete the repairs to my property?

    A contractor is not required to complete repairs.

  • How do I cash my insurance claim check?

    Since the check is made payable to both you and Greater Nevada Mortgage, the check will need to be signed over to GNM. GNM is the mortgagee of your loan, and we are required to monitor the completion of the repairs. We will disburse funds to you as repairs milestones are completed. Checks can be deposited at a GNCU branch location, or can be mailed to us.

    Greater Nevada Mortgage
    ATTN: Mortgage Loan Servicing
    P.O. Box 4138
    Carson City, NV 89702

  • How will I receive my funds?

    If the amount of the claim is $40,000 or less, we may release up to the full balance to you based on loan status. Otherwise, we will issue an initial disbursement based on the greater of:

    • $40,000;
    • 33% of the insurance loss proceeds; or
    • the amount by which exceed the unpaid principal balance, accrued interest and other advances made on the loan.
    • Remaining funds will be disbursed based on periodic inspections of the progress of the repair work.

1 Greater Nevada Mortgage uses DocuSign to support secure electronic forms and signatures. By accessing the link, you will verify your identity and electronically remit documents to us. If you are unable to complete the verification questions or have questions regarding the document for signature, please contact us at 775-888-6999 or 800-526-6999.